Joypur Development Block




Area 230.5 Sq. km.
Area under cultivation 14,246 Hac.
Area under Pasture and Orchard etc. 277 Hac.
Area under cultivable Waste Land 1,841 Hac.
Area under Forest 2,611.74 Hac.
Area of Vested Land
a) Agri. 4,449.79 acre
b) Non-Agri 2,888.26 acre
Area of Distributed Vested Land 4,646.35 acre
Area under effective Pisciculture 6,424 Hac.
Persons engaged in profession 5,300
Approximate annual production 1,400 mt.








Total Population 1,11,768 (as per census 2001)
Rural 1,11,768 
Male 58,168
Female 53,582
Urban Nil
Male Nil
Female Nil
% of Population to District Population
Density per Sq. K.M.
SC Population 15,216
Male 7,844
Female 7,372
ST Population 11,063
Male 5,747
Female 5,316





(Sources: Joypur Development Block, District Panchayat Office Purulia, Census of India, 2001)