Purulia-II Development Block




Live Stock: -As per Census 2007
Cattle: 51,319   Sheep-19,215
Buffalo: - 4,246
Goat: - 42,949
Poultry Bird: -1,12,060
Duck: -41,305
Post Office: -33
P.O. with Savings Bank: -33
Seed Stores: - Nil
Fair Price Shop: - Nil
Fertilizer Depot: -14








Commercial Bank: -05
Gramin Bank: -01
Co-Operative Society:
Roads: -
ZP Surfaced:
Cinema House: Nil
Villages Electrified: -
Villages Having Drinking water facility: -
Communication Coverage: -
By Rail: Two Railway Station 1.Charrah Rail.St 2.Kustaur Rail St.
By Road Transport (Bus): Purulia-Barakar Road
                                      Purulia-Bankura Road



Total main workers:  33,785(M-27, 255,F-6, 530)
Cultivators: 17,438
Agricultural Labourers: 20,962
House Hold Industry: 600(Family, Handicafts)
Other Workers:
Marginal Workers:
% Of Main Workers to Block Population:
% Of Cultivators to Block Population:
% Of Agricultural Labourers to Bloc k Population:
% Of House Hold Industry to Block Population:
% Of other Workers to Block Population:
% Of Marginal Workers to Block Population:
% Of Non-Workers to Block Population:







(Sources: Purulia-II Development Block, District Panchayat Office Purulia, Census of India, 2001)