e-Governance Projects running under NIC, Purulia


01. Information System for Forest Right Act Application

As Purulia district is having second highest percentage of tribal population (nearly 18.3 per cent) in West Bengal, a lots of claim application has received by district administration from tribal claimant residing in forest area. To speed up the process of “PATTA” (LAND DEED) distribution among the Tribal, District Magistrate Purulia asked NIC Purulia to develop application software. NIC Purulia developed software named “Information System for Forest Right Act” application. This application software has been developed in web – server environment to fulfill the requirement of capturing data in a speedy manner.

Thousands of applications are processed/ short listed fulfilling the criteria mentioned in forest right act for distribution of patta. Later those data are transferred to NIC Delhi Server for populating into www.forestright.nic.in server directly. The entire process helps immensely the district administration to complete the job in a very short period of time.

(For Details, please visit: www.forestrights.nic.in)


02. Motor Vehicle Computerization

National level software VAHAN has been implemented and running successfully at RTO Office. Registration, Transfer of Owner ship, NOC, Fitness, Tax Collection of private and commercial vehicles are processed through this application software. Necessary technical support and training to new user provided by NIC. Times to time various patches are also implemented for necessary up gradation of the running version.
(For Details, please visit: http://parivahan.nic.in/)


03. PLAN PLUS system

District level seminar organized successfully and after successful training to it’s users, national level project Plan Plus implemented in this district. In this workshop, hand held training was imparted to the officials of line department and three tire Panchayat system using the dummy Plan Plus web site. A district plan was also prepared and demonstrated using that dummy site on that workshop and sector wise plan was also demonstrated among the audience. This project is currently operation in this district and the last financial planning was also developed using this system. Necessary technical support provided by NIC as and when required for it.

(For Details, please visit: http://planningonline.gov.in)


04. Computerization of Salary Accounts (COSA) application

NIC has implemented state level software Computerization of Salary Accounts (COSA) for all the DDO having computers through the district. In District Collectorate salary has been prepared using this software. The personnel using the software are fully trained by NIC Purulia officials and for any technical problem related to this software are also solved by NIC Purulia District officials. After implementation of new pay commission for the Govt. of West Bengal (ROPA 2009), necessary up gradation of the COSA software from old version to new version are also carried out in almost 120 locations in the district.

(For Details, please visit: http://www.wbfin.nic.in/cosa.htm)


05.  District Web Site

Overall technical management of Purulia District web site http://purulia.nic.in  is carried out by NIC. Time to time different news and advertisement (like recruitment and tender notice) are added to it.

(For Details, please visit: http://purulia.nic.in)


06.  Computerization of Provident Fund for Landless Agricultural Labour (PROFLAL) information system

State level software PROFLAL implemented in all the blocks of the district and comprehensive training are provided in a phase wise / repeated manner for smooth running of the system. To rectify various errors, necessary database handlings are done by NIC and also help them to generate different reports.

(For Details, please visit: http://wbprd.gov.in/html/activities/schemes/proflal.htm)


07. The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)2005 Information system

The national level project NREGA software along with it’s MIS has been implemented over all the blocks and GPs of the Purulia district. The system is running very successfully. Necessary technical supports for this software are provided time to time by NIC.

(For Details, please visit: http://nrega.nic.in)


08. District Court Computerization (E-Court) and CONFONET Project

The technical guidance has been provided to the district level committee of upcoming E-court project in order to prepare the estimate for the site preparation. Necessary system training imparted to all the judges of district court for suitable operation of their laptop.

National level project ‘CONFONET’ is successfully commissioned and running smoothly at District Consumer forum. Necessary training and technical guidance provided for daily updating of case details from their end. The necessary technical help is provided by NIC.

(For Details, please visit: http://indiancourts.nic.in and http://confonet.nic.in )


09. Land Acquisition computerization

Land Acquisition Software has been customized for Purulia district and it is successfully implemented. Land Acquisition is being processed through this system. The necessary technical help is provided to LA department for smooth running the system.

(For Details, please visit: http://banglarbhumi.nic.in)


10. Post Matric Scholarship System

Post Matric Scholarship System has been successfully implemented and customized for Purulia District. Block-GP wise, Bank wise and school wise advice for scholarship amount has been generated with this system. A couple of individual and batch wise training has been provided in this regard. The necessary technical help is provided to run the system smoothly. 
11. NIC District Centre Operationalization

For smooth operationalization of NIC district centre on 24X7 bases, proper maintenance of down time and coordination with different vendors of all Hardware Equipment installed in NIC District Centre are carried out.


12. Video Conferencing activity

National level Video Conferencing setup has been installed and implemented in the district. The system has been managed and operated successfully for intra district and intra state level conferencing. Also conducted Video conferencing session and troubleshooting problem arises during session.

(For Details, please visit: http://vidcon.nic.in)


13. ICT support services

ICT support & Internet services to different State and Central Government Departments like Postal, Agriculture and others are provided. Technical Support has been provided to maintain the District LAN. The facility of NICNET email services are frequently used by district administration.

(For Details, please visit: http://home.nic.in)


14. E-Procurement and E-tendering system

e-procurement system has been implemented and e-tendering process are commissioned at Zilla Parishad with active help from NIC and necessary training and support provided for maintaining security smart using card with digital signature.

(For Details, please visit: http://www.eprocurement.gov.in and http://etender.wb.nic.in)


15. Agricultural Marketing Information Network (AGMARKNET) Information System

AGMARKNET system is running successfully in this district. Recently the software is restored and customized. Necessary technical support and training is provided to it new user in the district.

(For Details, please visit: http://agmarknet.nic.in)


16. Computerization of Registration and Documents (CORD) Project

State level project CORD implemented in the six ADSR offices and one District Registry office, Purulia. After ceremonial inauguration (in presence of district administration officials, state officials, NIC officials and Registration Departments Officials) with the technical help from NIC, CORD project has been implemented in PPP model in this district. The active participation of NIC was appreciated by district administration.


17. Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) Project

National level project CIPA has been implemented in the district successfully in two different police stations. The site survey and preparation work is going on for another two locations. In the process of site preparation including LAN point and power supply, NIC takes an active role along with district police HQ.

(For Details, please visit: http://cipa.gov.in)


18. Soil Testing Based Fertilizer recommendation System

Necessary technical help is provided for ‘Soil Testing Based Fertilizer recommendation System’ project at the Soil Testing Laboratory, Purulia. Necessary trainings in different phases have been provided in this regard and the software is operational successfully.

(For Details, please visit: http://banglarkrishi.nic.in)


19. Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP)

Different technical issues and necessary helps like IDSP web site updating regarding district status are provided to the district health department for related matters of computerization and national level project IDSP.

(For Details, please visit: http://idsp.nic.in)


20. Arms Licensing system

All necessary technical support provided for ‘Arms Licensing system’ - a project developed and maintained by NIC Purulia. Time to time district administration ask NIC to find different types of report return as per requirement using the Arms Licensing System database.


(Source: District Informatics Officer, National Informatics Centre, Purulia)