Health and Family Welfare Department , Purulia




InnaugurationNeonatal mortality accounts for over 60% of Infant mortality and around 40% or fewer than five mortality. Further reduction in Infant and Child mortality is critically dependant upon significant decline in Newborn deaths. Although on average 41% of deliveries are conducted in the institutions, i.e., at P.H.C, B.P.H.C & R.H and district hospitals, there are no separate facilities to manage sick Neonates in the hospital and health centers, Even at district hospital, the sick Neonates (Home delivered and Institutional delivered) are generally treated along with the older sick children.



The sole objective of this Project in Purulia District is to reduce the Neonatal mortality Rate or death of Newborn during the first month of life.


(a) Coordination of Health Department, Zilla Parishad and UNICEF to provide strategic partnership to bring down the NMR.
(b) Strengthenil1g of Health facilities already existing, by developing level-II Care at the District Hospital (including Tele linkage betweel1 District Hospital, Purulia with the Advanced Neonatal Care Unit of S.S.K.M Hospital)and Stabilizing Units at the P.H.C, B.P.H,C, and R,H,
(c) Capacity development including training of Sisters and Doctors in Critical Newborn Care.


 EquipmentThe fully air conditioned 21, bedded (initially with 4 bed) unit has a set up with servo 'controlled radiant warmer" photo therapy units, digital weighing scale, pulse oxi-meter, syringe pump, ABG machine, electrolyte analyzer, portable X-ray, Central Oxygen supply, autoclave and washing machine (supported by AHSD, Purulia Branch) which can be compared with any modern super specialized institution.
The unit is manned with two trained Pediatricians, five trained nursing staff (already trained by the Society for Applied Studies) and other supportive staffs which are arranged from the existing manpower of Sadar Hospital, Purulia.







Participation in Neonatal Care would be developed to reach the deprived. All such programmes will be linked and integrated with the Apex Unit (i.e., Sick Newborn Unit at Sadar Hospital).





(Source: C.M.O.H Purulia)