Horticulture Department, Purulia


Horticulture (Latin-"Hortus": garden; "cultura": to cultivate) is a branch of plant Science dealing with the cultivation aspects of garden crops, generally Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Spices & Plantation Crops, and Post Harvest Management of the same. The agro-climatic and soil condition in the district is suitable for horticultural crops like Mango, Banana, Pomegranate, Sweet Orange (Mosambi), Guava, Acid Lime (Kagzi/Pati), Apple Ber, Watermelon, Tomato, Peas, Bhindi, Kharif & Rabi Onion, Cole Crops, Cucurbits, etc. The total area in 2020-21 under cultivation of major fruit crops was 6930 ha with the production recorded at 49105 MT, while the major vegetable crops were grown in an area of 44870 ha with a production of 1104390 MT. Spice crops like Chilli, Coriander, Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic etc. were cultivated in 2035 ha with a production of nearly 5150 MT, and Plantation crops like Cashewnut has been produced in an area of 150 ha at 50 MT. Both cut flowers and loose flowers including Gladiolus, Marigold, Tuberose, etc. have been produced in an area of 48 ha at 75 MT.

The Department of Horticulture is stressing upon horticultural crops under crop diversification schemes, implemented under MATIR SRISHTI, RKVY, MIDH, State Development Scheme, etc. and tirelessly working towards increasing production area in the district for cash generating fruit & vegetable crops by providing improved planting material of the crops, setting up of new orchards, packhouses, vermicompost units, and rejuvenation of age-old fruit orchards, encouraging Integrated Pest & Nutrient Management Practices, offering regular demonstrations and trainings to farmers and field level officials on the cultivation technology of new age fruit crops such as Dragon fruit, propagation techniques, intercropping with vegetables, spices and pulses in orchard, and promotion of flower and spices.

Besides, the Department is also encouraging farmers to grow mushroom, medicinal and aromatic plants and set up post harvest management units. In view of better returns, a shift towards plantation and floricultural crops is anticipated in the coming years especially in the context of commercialization of horticulture. Besides, some food processing units are also expected to come up in the district, which will generate additional employment in the district.



Designation/ Address

Tel No.

Kartick Chandra Salui

Assistant Horticulture Extension Officer,Neturia & Kashipur


Anshuman Soren

Udyan Palan Prajukti Sahayak,Raghunathpur I & II


Ashis Mahanta

Field Consultant,Bandawan


Kamdeb Kumar

Field Consultant,Joypur


Muktinath Sinha

Field Consultant,Para


Sachinandan Majhi

Field Consultant,Arsha & Baghmundi


Sanjoy Kumar Deogharia

Field Consultant,Purulia 1 & 2


Pankaj Kumar Mahata

Field Consultant,Hura


Sanjib Mahato

Field Consultant,Headquarter


Upendranath Mahato

Field Consultant,Manbazar-II


Asim Misra

Field Consultant,Puncha & Manbazar I


Krishnapada Mahato

Field Consultant,Jhalda-II


Pabitra Mondal

Field Consultant,Santuri


Sudip Kumar Chattaraj

Field Consultant,Jhalda-I


Kashinath Mahato

Field Consultant,Balarampur & Barabazar



(Source: Deputy Director of Horticulture, Purulia)